Rowing with the Wilmington Rowing Club is definitely educational for the new members. The Christina River that is in Wilmington definitely showcases the Wilmington Rowing Club boathouse that is set by its shores. The premier member of the club is Lydia Turner, who is now 88 years of age. Being a native of Wilmington she is originally from Germany.

She started rowing first when she was 16 years of age. She then settled in the US with an American soldier. Here she continued the craft. Today she is considered a stalwart member of the rowing club.

The participants of the club can participate in different activities such as Move It Delaware which is a health challenge held in the spring. Most rowers who starred for the first time find that boating is hard and that rowers make it look deceptively simple. Hence, the older members who coach the younger ones advise them to take it easy. There is a synchronized motion that needs to be developed for rowing with the oars. Many new members are taught to stick to the routine for an hour. The rowers are usually of different experience levels and ages.

Even if the experience is tough, it is rewarding as well, with the champions get a week’s Yacht Charter in Zadar. Rowing classes are held at the club during the summer and spring seasons. This is their 30th birthday of the club. One can also enroll in scholastic programs as well as masters programs. The club has sponsored the Diamond State Masters Regatta in Middletown and this has been an annual event since 1991.

There are several leaders and rowers of the club who train the newcomers. The crew boat usually has shells that are in different sizes that differ from the eight person crew size to four as well as single dinghies.