The World Sailing Rankings is trying to establish an order of their ability that will majorly depend on the results of certain events that they have had over a period of 24 months in the month of December this year. The rankings will majorly aim at the 10 events related to the Olympics along with the Open and Match Racing for Women.

Rankings have been distinguished in Men and Women categories. It has been seen in the World Sailing Rankings Men’s category that Eric Monnin who hails from Switzerland has closed the year in the first position after participating in a variety of events. Nick Egnot-Johnson from New Zealand is in the second position and Ian Williams from Great Britain in the third. For the Women’s category, Pauline Courtois from France has secured the first position. In the second place is Anna Oestling from Sweden. In the third place is Johana Bergqvist who also a Sweden national.

North American who has secured the top position in the rankings are Chris Poole and Nicole Breault. Nicole secured 4th place while Chris got the 8th standing. The rankings for fleet racing have been made separately by the World Sailing. In this event, sailors from North America have placed them within the top 20 rankings. Among them are Tom Ramshaw and Sarah Douglas. Both of them are from Canada.

From the USA are Paige RaileyStu McNay, Dave Hughes, Erika Reineke, Maggie Shea, Luke Muller, Charlie Buckingham, Riley Gibbs, Caleb Paine, and Anna Weis. Laser Radial, Laser, 49ER, Finn, and Nacra 17 are the events in which they have performed their best. Erika Reineke has secured the 14th position in the Laser Radial event. Maggie Shea together with Stephanie Roble has secured the 8th position in the 49ER FX for Women event. Caleb Paine and Luke Muller got their 20th place at the Finn Gold Cup. Charlie Buckingham finished 9th at the Laser event.