The first of its kind World Naked Sailing Day was held in Buffalo in New York on August 1, 20917.

The organizers were quite anxious about putting up such an event and were worried about the number of people that would be taking part in the one-day sailing event. But, to everyone’s surprise, there were many sailors from various countries that took part in this inaugural naked sailing day event. If the kind of appreciation and the enthusiasm among the sailors is to be believed, then this event was a huge success and the organizers of this event can take a bow.

The World Naked Sailing Day (WNSD) event was held in Buffalo following the grand success of the World Naked Gardening Day and the annual World Naked Bike Ride events. The organizers of the naked sailing event want to make it an annual event like the bike event.

The event was organized by online magazine Buffalo Rising. The founder of this new magazine Newell Nussbaumer is very happy to have organized such an event.

He explained as to why they decide to hold the WNSD event on August 1. The August month is represented by the number 8 and this signifies a woman’s breasts. The number 1 signifies a man’s bishop. This is how the team thought of making August 1 as the World Naked Sailing day.

Nussbaumer said that he was surprised to see that number of people were ready to strip off and set sail. There were also a number of requests that have come to them to organize the nude sailing in the future as well. This day was celebrated as the ‘au naturel’ day and it also carried an environmental message by creating an awareness of clean water and air. Those who took part in WNSD thoroughly enjoyed the day.