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World Sailing Come-Up with the Rankings

The World Sailing Rankings is trying to establish an order of their ability that will majorly depend on the results of certain events that they have had over a period of 24 months in the month of December this year. The rankings will majorly aim at the 10 events related to the Olympics along with the Open and Match Racing for Women.

Rankings have been distinguished in Men and Women categories. It has been seen in the World Sailing Rankings Men’s category that Eric Monnin who hails from Switzerland has closed the year in the first position after participating in a variety of events. Nick Egnot-Johnson from New Zealand is in the second position and Ian Williams from Great Britain in the third. For the Women’s category, Pauline Courtois from France has secured the first position. In the second place is Anna Oestling from Sweden. In the third place is Johana Bergqvist who also a Sweden national.

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Double-Handed Offshore Sailing Getting on Track in UK

The landmark decision of World Sailing pertaining to the selection of Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat competition for the Olympics 2024 and the recent declaration to hold an Offshore World Championship (OWC) for sailing of mixed double-handed in 2020 October has encouraged RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) to unite their work for developing offshore sailing double-handed in the UK.

Entries for double-handed iconic Rolex Fastnet Race RORC have increased the number of participating boats. It was 36 boats in the year 2017 and now it is more than 90 entries this year. Among 90 entries, 63 are those who will be racing under the rating system, IRC, showcasing a desire by people for sailing double-handed offshore.

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The Turkish Airlines Race Has Finally Begun

The Turkish Airlines Race for moving Around the Island has begun but the weather conditions were completely unexpected. It was highly overcast and it was still that when the boats reached the c and then the sailors launched the race by hoisting into the beautiful skies.

The race first began in the year 1864 and for this year’s edition around 195 boats participated, and the number will only increase with every year. The winner of the race was Mark Thornburrow and after the accomplishment, he commented that although the conditions started overcast, the winds turned out to be perfect and the direction of it was also good although not very strong. He further mentioned the value of the wind speed to be between 10 to 18 knots which was sort of ideal for them. He hailed his crew which is named Andy Service and commented that they had sailed for around 10 years with him.

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Marsh Will Tackle Mackinac Race For 53rd Time

In 2018, this will be 53rd Port Huron of Rich Marsh to Mackinac Race, which is really impressive. But, then hear about Albacore the Marsh’s boat racing on its 72nd Mackinac race. The crew has four others on board who have raced over 25 Mackinac races.

If we talk about that experience being a factor in the sailboat race, then Albacore has this in every way. March said “In 1958, my dad bought this boat and after that I have lived on it.,” Marsh is from Beverly Hills, and his father, Marv, in the year 1959 raced Albacore to Mackinac and has been in the Marsh family around 60 years.

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Yacht AlpinaOn Sale

For those who are interested in the transactions that take place in the luxury yacht world, they would be interested to know about a sailing yacht called Alpina that is 24.8 meters which was recently put up for sale. This yacht was put up for display and sale by its makers, the Bernard Gallery Yacht Brokerage. The sale was soon concluded with a direct client claiming its ownership.

The boat has been designed and the famed designer German Frers. The boat’s construction took place in GRP when it was made in the Swan yard of Nautor’s of Finland. The boat was then delivered in the year 2001 as a model of the Swan 82 version. There was a refit done to it in 2011. The outstanding features of this yacht are the hull which is built for performance as well as a clean layout of the deck; all the features of the yacht make it comfortable for cruising over long range. Even then it underwent significant changes such as the teak deck being replaced, fresh paint being done on the body and a water maker installed all anew. Alpina was being sold at an asking price of €1,490,000.

There are several luxury features that befit the price as well. For instance, the boat is built to accommodate a party of six guests along with the owner’s quarters. There are double and twin cabins with unsuited amenities. There is a saloon on the starboard side with entertainment center fitted along with a settee and coffee table. The port has an L shaped lounge sofa along with a saloon table and three seating options. The boat has also won several races such as the Swan Maxi Class race where it gained victory in the inaugural race as well as the 2008 Swan Cup that was held in Porto Cervo.

First Ever World Naked Sailing Day Tastes Success

The first of its kind World Naked Sailing Day was held in Buffalo in New York on August 1, 20917.

The organizers were quite anxious about putting up such an event and were worried about the number of people that would be taking part in the one-day sailing event. But, to everyone’s surprise, there were many sailors from various countries that took part in this inaugural naked sailing day event. If the kind of appreciation and the enthusiasm among the sailors is to be believed, then this event was a huge success and the organizers of this event can take a bow.

The World Naked Sailing Day (WNSD) event was held in Buffalo following the grand success of the World Naked Gardening Day and the annual World Naked Bike Ride events. The organizers of the naked sailing event want to make it an annual event like the bike event.

The event was organized by online magazine Buffalo Rising. The founder of this new magazine Newell Nussbaumer is very happy to have organized such an event.

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Coastal Sailing Introduced By Dublin Bay Sailing Club

The largest yacht racing organization in Ireland, the Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC), is gearing up for its summer season that is going to take place in a little over 2 months time.

From this year, there will be no DBSC Cruiser Challenge. Instead of this, there will be three coastal races added to the summer season racing fixtures.

These are the few changes to the Sherry-Fitzgerald sponsored program of the DBSC summer series and everyone is looking forward to the new season. The DBSC dinghies also will see a change and they will now be taking place in the harbor on Saturdays and not on Sundays like the previous seasons.

The summer races will kick start in April and the first race is held on 25th April followed by races on 27th April and 29th April. Chris Moore, The DSBC Commodore feels that the cruiser event has completed its course, as there are not a lot of larger boats now taking part in the race.

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Stewart Sister In Aon Youth Sailing

Kate (18) and Greta (16) daughter of Ian one of the member of team Emirate New Zealand in America Cup last year are participating in Youth Sailing World Championship that is going to take place in Auckland in December.

They will join father Ian and will be part of the Oracle team for 2017’s America’s Cup. Both sisters are high on performances and their chance of winning medals in the event is more than anyone else.

The sister will be the part of 13-strong New Zealand team and will compete in the championship that is going to take place in Torbay. This is the not the first time these girls have participated in the championship, the pair won a bronze medal at the last event 29er skiff in Malaysia. When it comes to sailing underway, these girls will not leave any scope for other teams to win.

The expectation of winning the championship is also high with sisters because they are friendly with the location where the championship is taking place. It is their home water and thus they are better aware of all the challenges. What matter here how the day for these sisters and how they are going to gel-up with water.  

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The French Come In Extreme Sailing Series

The Norauto crew paired up with the team of America’s Cup to join the Extreme Sailing series. Norauto is a sailing team which comprises of Groupama Team France that joined the Extreme Sailing Series in Act 6 at Lisbon. This was one of the wild card entries in the act. In total there would be nine teams of world class caliber who would be sailing hydro foiling GC32s in a fleet in the debut race at Lisbon. This race will take place from 6th to 9th October.

The Norauto crew has joined as the team from the French America’s Cup. The lineup includes Groupama Team France members. It includes Kiwi Adam, 30 years of age and a racing champion of the World Match along with the experience of having sailed in the Extreme Sailing Series before. Befittingly he would be leading the team and he looks forward at the challenging race coming up.

Whilst it’s not always been Plain Sailing, he stated that he was happy to have been invited to be part of the race. He feels that it would be cool to race against the other members in the fleet that would be sailing. The fact that the race would be on the course defined, as well as on specific terms would make the race even more difficult.

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